Gymnastics Teams

Above the Barre is the home of both boys and girls Competitive Gymnastics Teams, including many state, regional and national champions. You will not find better coaches anywhere in any sport, as our coaches are selected for their genuine love of children as well as their technical expertise. All coaches are professional USAG members and all team coaches are required to participate in the continuing education training program. Fundamental to the ATB program is providing a safe and successful experience for each athlete.

Competitive Levels

USAG Girls Competitive Teams compete in Compulsory Level 3 – 5, Optionals Level 6-10, Xcel Silver – Diamond. Boys Competitive Teams (USAG and AAU) compete Level 4 – 10. The program is structured to develop athletes through systematic progressions and strength development. All athletes are evaluated and advanced at their own pace based on both physical and emotional readiness.

Developmental Team

The focus of our developmental team is for gymnasts ages older 4's to 6-year-olds to enter into our Team's program without travel competing. They will be developing strength training, flexibility, and fundamental skills that will advance their following years onto our traveling teams.

Getting started is easy

Team tryouts are held annually each April. Our tryouts are not structured to eliminate children, but structured to place children on teams at levels where they will be successful. If a child is not ready for a certain team one year, he or she might be ready the following year. We can often offer other options and various strategies to get every child placed on the team of their choice. In addition, we offer pre-team opportunities for young children who do not fulfill the general requirements listed below. Our season runs June through May.

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