Above the Barre Dance Company is an intensive dance training program committed to providing dancers with the technical tools and performance opportunities that offer rewarding experiences through the art of dance. ATB is unique in that it has a faculty of nationally recognized certified teachers. Our professional teaching staff is recognized across the industry for their contribution in the areas of performance, dance education, and choreography. In addition to our regular faculty, we have several adjunct faculty members who come in several times per year to provide our program with even more diversity. As a team, the Dance Company attends three to four regional competitions and one national competition every season. We are proud of our many awards, most notably, 2008-2018 National Champions. We believe that dance competition provides a valuable training tool to hone performance skills, learn from judges’ critiques, and dance among peers from other studios.

Our Training System

Our company dancers range in age from 5 to 18 years old. Dancers train two to four days per week. The dance company program’s goal is to develop the whole dancer and to create a versatile, well-rounded dancer. This proven program requires dancers to study ballet, tap, jazz, leaps and turns, and acro. Additional subjects are available in Pointe, Cecchetti, Contemporary, Stretch and Strength, Musical Theater, Improvisational Skills, Aerial Arts and Hip Hop. All of our choreography is learned and rehearsed at times scheduled outside of regular technique classes. At ATB we pride ourselves in helping our dancers set and achieve personal goals. Classes are administered with a focus on technique in a fun, challenging, non-competitive environment. Dancers gain confidence and a sense of accomplishment through this system. Through this process, they will gain a love for dance.

Getting started is easy

Company auditions are held annually each June. Our auditions are not structured to eliminate children. They are structured in order to place children in Training Groups at levels where they will be successful. If a child is not ready for a certain Training Group one year, he or she might well be ready the following year. We can often offer other options and various strategies to get every child placed in the Training Group of his or her choice. Our season runs July through June. If you are interested in more information regarding our Dance Company program, moving to the area, or have questions regarding tuition and fees, call 440-625-0000 to speak to our dance company manager, or send an email to ATBcustomerservice@live.com. We would love to have you on our team!

General Competition Requirements:

  • 5 to18 years old with previous dance experience
  • Required technique classes are ballet, tap, jazz, and acro (number of hours differ based on age and level)
  • Must take additional technique classes in the styles that they have group dances
  • Attend all scheduled regional and national competitions
  • Attend at least one dance convention/workshop every year

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