Field Trips

Above The Barre is the perfect place to host fun, unique learning experiences to create bonding and active training. We hope to inspire individuals to create healthy lifestyles, build confidence and continue active learning.

Schedule a special Team Building outing that will be planned, organized and directed by one of our professional staff members. We welcome corporate events, general team building, college retreats, sports teams and any other group that is willing to try something unique!
All team building events are customized to fit your needs to enhance the group’s experience.

Private Open Gym

This is the most popular option for team building opportunities. During your time at our gymnastics facility, you will conquer different obstacle courses, explore use of all our equipment, learn a new skill, jump on our in-ground trampolines and flip into our foam pits! This is truly a blast between co-workers and creates many fun memories.

One and a half hours of open gym for adults over the age of 18 with a minimum of 10 people will cost $20 per person. (Depending on how large of a group or small, prices will vary.) For an additional price, we offer an obstacle course bounce house that creates friendly competitions between co-workers.

Gymnastics Class or Dance Class Option

Also great for team building, we offer a gymnastics class or dance class option. For adults over 18, these specialized classes are ideal for groups that would enjoy a structured-based event. During a gymnastics class, you will learn stretches and different skills on each gymnastics equipment. During a dance class, you will learn different dance techniques. We offer ballet, jazz, hip-hop, acro and aerial classes, which can be specialized for men or women combined.